Printing in the Linux pool

For further questions and problems, please contact the SGI support staff (Hiwis) during their supervision hours !

Printing is done with:
lpr <filename> (for double-sided printout).
The filename must specify a postscript file.

Further commands ...

is done with the SGI printing system under

Tips ...

If you want to save paper, you can print several pages on one physical page using the psnup programme. The document to be printed must be in Postscript. ASCII and DVI documents can be converted to Postscript with the command a2ps or dvips. (Caution: a2ps already puts 2 pages on one physical page.) With psnup -2 two pages are put on one physical page, with psnup -4 four pages on one.
Furthermore, there is the programme pstops with which postscript files can be processed further, e.g. the reverse side can be rotated by 180 degrees (see example). Further information can be found in the manual.


  • cat asciifile | a2ps | psnup -2 | lpr prints an ASCII file with four pages per physical page.
  • cat psfile | psnup -2 | pstops '2:0,1U(1w,1h)' | lpr prints a postscript file with two pages per physical page. Every second (physical) page is rotated 180 degrees.



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