Notebook workstations

In the pools there are places for notebook users. These are available for everyone, independent of pool accounts.

At each place there is a large screen with a Displayport cable. In addition, each notebook workstation has power (socket), USB keyboard, USB mouse and an Ethernet cable to the "welcome" network, which is operated by the KIZ for the whole university.

Room ...sind ... etwa wo im Raum
O27/234 (Windows-Pool/ Nordpool)

5 WS

6 WS

close to Scanner

left most table row

O27/133 (Linux-Pool/ Südpool) 5 WS in the back
O28/1001 (Windows-Pool/ Smiley-Pool) 10 WS on the right wall

Why Displayport?

We only support Displayport, which means that we will make sure that every notebook workstation has a working Displayport cable. This will allow you as a user to adapt to it and to have an appropriate adapter with you.

If you don't find a Displayport connector at a workstation, but a mini-Displayport connector is available: at some workstations you can turn the cable around so that mini-DP is available. If necessary, please also turn it back yourself.

The lecture halls and seminar rooms are currently set to HDMI. This is no longer an option for us, since HDMI is no longer suitable for future monitors, and notebooks with DP are already in the majority.

On the other hand, we largely don't care if other cables are available. In some places there are other cables available, which we will not explicitly remove, and you are welcome to bring your own cables and leave them in place if you don't need them anymore. As long as we have other cables, we will put them in the pool, but especially HDMI is no longer an issue for us internally.



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