Windows pools

The Windows pool is divided between the two rooms O27/234 (North-pool) and O28/1001 (Smiley-pool). Logically, there is only one pool, that is, the computers are identical in terms of usage.



Room O27 / 234 (Nord-Pool) Room O28 / 1001 (Smiley-Pool)
36 hosts 48 hosts
2 printer 2 printer
1 scanner / computer 1 scanner with host


The pool in O28/1001 is also intended for events. Details can be found in the menu under presentation pool.


The pictures also show the locations of the notebook-workstations.
(By now there are a few more than just the drawn ones.)

O27 / 234 (Nord-Pool)

O28 / 1001 (Smiley-Pool)



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