Basic software project in winter semester 2022/23 and summer semester 2023

Softwaregrundprojekt im WiSe 2022/23 und SoSe 2023

General information

The basic software project (Sopra) is carried out by students in teams over the course of a year in the third and fourth semester as a central course in computer science. The classification of the module for the individual degree programmes is: 

  • Bachelor Informatik: Mandatory subject Praktische und Angewandte Informatik
  • Bachelor Medieninformatik: Mandatory subject Praktische und Angewandte Informatik
  • Bachelor Software Engineering: Mandatory subject Praktische und Angewandte Informatik
  • Lehramt Informatik: Mandatory module

The project takes place in parallel with the lectures Softwaretechnik I (winter semester) und Softwaretechnik II (summer semester), and should enable the participants to apply the knowledge imparted in the lectures in practice in a timely manner.

In the course of the project, the participants acquire knowledge and experience of how a somewhat larger application is developed together in a team as part of a proper process. The focus is not only on pure programming, but above all on important aspects of software engineering (requirements analysis, design, quality assurance, documentation and project management).

Content-related prerequisites are mastery of object-oriented programming and basic knowledge in the areas of network communication and implementation of graphical user interfaces. The knowledge imparted in the lectures Einführung in die Informatik and Programmierung von Systemenas well as the associated exercises is assumed in the basic software project!

Lecture to the project

The accompanying course for the basic software project will take place in the winter semester 2022/23 in presence.

Tutored courses

The weekly tutorials take place on dates that are agreed per tutorial.

Registration takes place via Moodle. More information is available in the accompanying lecture at the beginning of the semester.


Lecture to the project:

Thursdays, 10-12 Uhr, in H20

Tutored courses:

Dates by arrangement

Previous project runs


Prof. Dr. Thomas Thüm
Florian Ege

Teaching assistant

Dennis Jehle


Lukas Bormann
Andreas Decker
Ruben Dunkel
Valentin Kolb
Ismail Memis
Justin Mücke
Felix Nagel
Timo Netzer
Lukas Ostheimer
Dominik Rollenmiller
Philipp Schauz
Pascal Schiessle
Jonathan Westhauser
Tim Wibiral
Tanja Zast
Timo Zuccarello