Remote printing with notebooks

This page is essentially maintained when questions come to us because it no longer works as described. So if the following doesn't work: get in touch so that we can update it together!

Printing with notebooks on the pool printers

With suitable configuration, one can use the printers in the SGI pools with notebooks. To do this, one must establish a connection to the print server and install a suitable printer driver on the notebook.
(For Linux and Mac additional instructions follow below, for now we will assume Windows)

Set up the connection to the print server:

To do this, you essentially only have to authenticate yourself, i.e. log in, so to speak. On the command line you can do this with:
         net use \\\ipc$ * /user:sg\<accountname>.
Of course, replace <accountname> with the pool account name, something like xy12. The command asks for the pool password.

Since you need this command after each login, but before the first printout, you can put it on your desktop as a small script.
The best thing is to copy it from p:\drucken\connect2printserver.bat and adapt it briefly (look at it with editor).

Notes on this:

The print server only accepts connections from within the university! So connect to the VPN server of the KIZ with the VPN client.

Install printer driver under Windows:

The printer driver currently used in the pool is the "HP LaserJet 2300 Series PS" driver, which generates Postscript. Other printer drivers that generate Postscript also have a chance of working, but are not explicitly supported.

So, Windows being what it is, here are the step-by-step instructions for Windows:

  • Connect to the printserver (see above)
  • Start ⇒ Printers & Faxes ⇒ Add Printer
  • (Set up printer where?) ⇒ Local printer ⇒ Next
  • (select port) ⇒ create a new port, "Local Port" ⇒ next
  • (It has been reported that in the meantime the Windows printer port type "Printer on network" (or similar) also works here, which is actually expected here).
  • (Name for the new port) ⇒ \\o27
  • Alternatives for o27 are: o27, o28 and linux. The names correspond to the queues in the pools and select the printer (in which pool).
  • (Driver selection:) HP LaserJet 2300 Series PS
  • (printer name and standard printer?) set here what you want ⇒ next
  • (print test page) yes or no ⇒ finish
  • Strongly recommended: change/check two more things:
  • For the new printer, right-click ⇒ printer properties
  • ⇒ Switch off bidirectional support (if it should be on).
  • ⇒ Advanced ⇒ Send print jobs directly to the printer (switches many other buttons as well - good thing!)

How do you print now?

  • Set up the connection to the print server BEFORE the first print attempt (see above).
  • Print!
  • View the queue with:
    (if necessary, replace the o27 at the end with o28 or linux).
    The Windows queue does not show anything useful.
  • Cancelling print jobs?
    The above URL to view the queue: you can also log in and then cancel print jobs.

Printing with a MAC

(is newer than what is still written below; tested with OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" and OS X 10.9 "Mavericks")
  → has its own page!

Notebooks with Linux or MacOS → Set up CUPS

  • Name: Select freely; for example 027-POOL
  • Device: Select "Windows Printer via SAMBA
  • Device URI: "smb://sgi-pools/<username>:<password>"
    Alternatives for o27 are o28 and linux. The names correspond to the queues in the pools and select the printer (in which pool).
  • Manufacturer: Generic
  • Model: Postscript: Generic Postscript Printer

Viewing the queue with a browser (URL see above)



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