Printing in the Windows pools

All applications are pre-configured. Simply select 'File->Print' (or similar) and select the printer "default". The printout is then printed from the printer in the same room.

Alternatively, you can select one of the other four virtual printers that do the same but have different default settings:

default Here you can set everything yourself
default_simplex Preset one-sided printout
default_duplex: Preset double-sided printout
default_2up: Preset double-sided printing with two pages on each side combined into one
default_4up: Preset double-sided printing and four pages each combined into one

2up and 4up reduce the pages to half or a quarter of the normal size, so that two or four pages fit on one page. This can save paper, e.g. when slides of a lecture with a large font are available as a script.

Attention: Unlike in the past, the virtual printers no longer enforce the properties. Rather, they are really only alternative default settings compared to "default". So, for example, one can set simplex/2up to "default_duplex" and print, and specify this setting. The name "default_duplex" is then only confusing because it is no longer correct. So these virtual printers are really only intended as shortcuts for frequently occurring standard cases. As soon as something is set individually, "default" should be used.

View printer queues/manage print jobs

is done with the SGI printing system under

This URL can also be found in the Start menu:
  Start ⇒ All Programs ⇒ SGI ⇒ Print - Queue & Quota

The Windows-specific display of the printer queues is not functional under
  Start ⇒ Devices and Printers ⇒ ...
If you ever see a print job here, Windows has messed up again.

How do I print a Postscript file?

With the programme Ghostview, which is installed on all machines in the pool.

In case of printer problems:

  • Check the printer queue (see above). If your print job is still in there, then there are simply other documents to be printed before yours. Wait and see!
  • Is your document constantly being "overtaken" by other documents? Never mind. Wait and see! The queue will not let a document reach the printer until all preparatory steps have been completed. Until then, small documents can overtake larger ones.
  • If your print job is no longer in the printer queue, call up your print history (see above). There should be an entry for every print job, including failed ones!
  • No entry in the print history for a print job? Then please contact us at the SGI. (Should never happen.)
  • Somehow still different? Then please contact us as well.



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