Printing quota

The so-called print quota limits how much you can print. It is common for Linux and Windows pools.

The print quota is unfortunately necessary because otherwise a few students go overboard. We tried it once without the quota, but it didn't work.

Rules for the print quota

The following rules match those of the KIZ or computer centre, to which we have adapted.

  • 100 printer points are charged per sheet of paper and per printed surface.
    This means that pages printed on one side cost 200 points, and pages printed on both sides cost 300 points.
  • You receive 50000 printer points per semester. (More precisely: sometime on the first day of the lecture period).
  • We do not allow you to buy additional printer points. If you run out of print quota, please use the KIZ pools.
  • You can save up your print quota over the course of a semester, up to a maximum of 200,000 points.
  • The print quota is common for Linux and Windows pools of the SGI.
    The print quota from KIZ is independent of this.
    The script printing system runs without quota.

We do not issue credit notes for faulty printouts

Of course, empty toner, paper jams, etc. do occur from time to time, but we consider these losses to be compensated for with the regular credits at the beginning of each lecture. Most students also tell us that the quota is not a limitation for them, as they never reach the limit.

The only exceptions to this are when large amounts of printing quota are lost due to internal accounting errors. Empty toner, for example, is no reason for a credit note! Before starting a large print job, you should check whether the last printouts of other users still have sufficient print quality, or you should only print the first few pages as a test.

Tips for protecting the printing quota

  • Ask the lecturer of a course if free scripts are available. Scripts can be reproduced and bound free of charge for students in the KIZ. Scripts that are finished at short notice or scripts with small print runs can be posted in the script printing system by the organiser.
  • Ask the organising department whether the script/exercise sheets can be borrowed for photocopying.
  • If you do print scripts/exercise sheets, consult with your fellow students. The printing quota will be spared if everyone prints only a part of scripts, etc. and photocopies the other parts from colleagues.
  • Use the duplex printing options or print several pages on one sheet. Script slides in particular usually have such a large font that 4up works well.



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