The Trainingscamp of Ulm University is to assist new students to revise the mathematical knowledge they learned at school and, what is more, it provides them with tools that will help them get started with their studies.

It aims at students of all study programmes and is tailored to the specific requirements. Apart from mathematical issues, the participants are also taught learning strategies.  The tutors too are trained in didactic approaches. Representatives of the different subjects   introduce their courses in small projects and lectures trying to get across which mathematical prior knowledge is required for the specific field of study. What is more, students can start building up a social network at Ulm University in advance. This is supported e.g. by shared learning experiences in small groups and University Sports.

The UULM PRO MINT&MED staff organises the Trainingscamp, carries out part of the teaching activities and Study Guides of all fields of study introduce their subjects in study start projects.

The Trainingscamp is offered each semester.  However, there is a difference between the "Ulm University Spring Trainingscamp" in March/April and the "Ulm University Trainingscamp"  in autumn which is longer and has already been launched in 2004. The Spring Camp was initiated by UULM PRO MINT & MED - as an additional support for new students (this appplies especially to the orientation semester) taking up studies in summer semester.

Please find further information on the Traingscamp's homepage.

Apart from the Mathematics Trainingscamp, there are further preparation courses like the Chemistry Trainingscamp (so far only prior to the beginning of the winter semester) and other projects in the propaedeutic phase.  For further information, please see the webpages of UULM PRO MINT & MED and the links to the respective faculty web pages.