Verschiedene Bilder aus dem Forschungsbereich Wirbelsäulenbiomechanik

Biomechanics of the Spine

The goals of our spine research are to better understand injuries and diseases affecting the bony structures and intervertebral discs of the spine. In order to propose and design novel implants and operational techniques that target degeneration, pathology, and deformity of the spinal elements, we perform a variety of basic research. We work closely with orthopaedic, neuro and trauma surgeons, allowing us to pursue the most clinically relevant projects. For our research, we have designed several spine simulators, with which we are able to independently assess physiological movement. Finite Element studies as well as animal experiments are continuously implemented to support our overarching goals. Moreover, we also possess the equipment necessary to examine high impact injuries, including those elicited from car crashes. Currently, the scope of several EU and DFG projects is to provoke and understand failure of intact or treated spinal structures under worst-case scenarios. 

EU and DFG projects involve the interconnectivity between degenerations of various spinal elements and their resulting influence on fractures and disc injuries. Other projects target prevention and treatment of osteoporotic fractures and spinal deformities due to degeneration in elder patients. Some of the studies are performed in cooperation with industrial partners.

Motion options of the dynamic spine simulator
Computer-Rekonstruktion eines Brustkorbs mit Rippenserienfraktur mt Hilfe von CT-Daten
CT-Reconstruktion of a thorax with serial rib fractures
Marker movements on a thorax mounted in a spine simulator under axial rotation moments
Magnet-Resonanz-Tomographie-Bild einer Bandscheibe
Intervertebral disc image from a 11.7 Tesla MRI
Animation zur Darstellung der verschiedenen Schritte auf dem Weg zur Computerrekonstruktion eines Brustkorbs
Numerical model of the spine

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