Institute history

The institute originates from 1978 when the research laboratory for experimental traumatology was founded at Ulm University. In 1988, we were able to move into a new building thanks to Prof. Dr. Caius Burri, the former director of the Clinic for Trauma Surgery, and the Caius-Burri-Foundation for Trauma Research and Patient Aid. Three years later, the lab was raised to a Chair of Trauma Research and Biomechanics as part of the Medical Faculty of Ulm University, with Prof. Dr. Lutz Claes as its first director. In 1998, the Caius-Burri-Foundation donated the building to the Ulm University Medical Centre. Prof. Dr. Anita Ignatius followed Professor Claes as the new chair and director after he retired in 2008.

Institute building at the time of inauguration 1988
Prof. Dr. med. Caius Burri (1933-2002)