Hormonal regulation and novel mechanism for the resolution of inflammation

Research directions:

  • Hormonal control and regulation of inflammatory processes
  • Regulators during inflammation and the resolution of inflammation


Inflammation is a natural reaction of the body to invading pathogens. Depending on the type of inflammatory response and pathology, it can occur as acute (sepsis, lung inflammation) or chronic inflammation. In addition, during inflammation, cells are exposed to constant mechanical stresses that influence their inflammatory status. The reduction of inflammation that in turn later supports the resolution inflammation is a crucial mechanism to revert the body back to a healthy status.

My group aims to investigate novel hormonal driven mechanisms in inflammation. With the aim to identify and target new regulators for anti-inflammatory processes, and pro-resolving mechanisms to accelerate the resolution of inflammatory processes.

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Selected publications

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P. Galuppo, S. Vettorazzi, J. Hoevelmann, C.-J. Scholz, J.P. Tuckermann, J. Bauersachs, D. Fraccarollo, The glucocorticoid receptor in monocyte-derived macrophages is critical for cardiac infarct repair and remodeling, Faseb Journal 31(11) (2017) 5122-5132.

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