Word of welcome by the Dean

As Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, I would like to welcome you to our website! Here, under one single roof, you will find the three fundamental sciences spanning animate and inanimate nature: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The wide range of collaborative activities between the 30 or so institutes and working groups is characteristic of this alliance.

Cutting-edge international research is conducted in the interdepartmental key areas of adaptation of biological and technical systems, electrochemical energy conversion and storage and quantum bioscience and technology. Thanks to these key areas, the Faculty is connected to a whole host of other strong research universities across the globe (f.e. Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology (IQST) together with the University of Stuttgart). Non-university facilities (f.e. Helmholtz Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage (HIU), together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)) have strengthened this position even further.

The close interrelationship between research and teaching is an integral part of the Faculty. As a relatively small university, we are able to offer our students outstanding support and direct contact with lecturers. Students become acquainted with current research even in the early stages, promoting creativity and autonomous learning in addition to broadly based expertise. We take various steps to ensure that first-year students get off to a good start. A few English-language courses are offered at the Bachelor’s level; they are an integral part of Master’s programmes. Our graduates have excellent chances to start a career, which is repeadetly confirmed by our alumnis.

In addition to traditional degree programs in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Physics (Biology and Physics - Master's courses in English) our Faculty also offers Chemical Engeneering (Master's courses in English) and interdisciplinary degree programs Physics and Management  (unique throughout Germany) and Chemistry and Management, in addition to two international Master’s courses in Advanced Materials and Energy Science and Technology and the Master's courses Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Industrial Biotechnology in cooperation with the Hochschule Biberach. Our Faculty offers all science subjects to study a teaching subject at the secondary school.


Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bernhardt

Dean of Natural Sciences

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