Departments and Institutes

Department of Biology

Institute of Comparative Molecular Endocrinology
Prof. Dr. J. Tuckermann, Prof. Dr. M. Vujic-Spasic
Institute of Molecular Botany
Prof. Dr. A. Marchfelder, Prof. Dr. S. Binder
Institute of Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Genomics
Prof. Dr. S. Sommer, Prof. Dr. M. Ayasse
Institute of Neurobiology
Prof. Dr. H. Wolf, Prof. Dr. A. Herwig
Institute of Systematic Botany and Ecology
Prof. Dr. M. Kazda, Prof. Dr. S. Jansen
Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. P. Dürre, Prof. Dr. B. Eikmanns
Institute of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. N. Johnsson

Institute of Protein Biochemistry
Prof. Dr. M. Fändrich

Institute of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. D. Niessing

Department of Chemistry

Institute of Electrochemistry
Prof. Dr. T. Jacob
Prof. Dr. R. Beránek


Institute of Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Dr. A. Groß
Prof. Dr. M. Hiete

Institute of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
Prof. Dr. R. J. Behm
Prof. Dr. T. Bernhardt

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry I (Materials and Catalysis)Prof. Dr. S. RauProf. Dr. C. StrebInstitute of Inorganic Chemistry IIProf. Dr. M. LindenInstitute of Analytic and Bioanalytic Chemistry  Prof. Dr. B. MizaikoffProf. Dr. K. LeopoldInstitute of Organic Chemistry I Prof. Dr. S. Rau (komm.)Prof. Dr. T. Bernhardt (komm.) Institute of Organic Chemistry II and New MaterialsProf. Dr. P. BäuerleProf. Dr. M. von DeliusInstitute of Organic Chemistry III (Macromolecular Chemistry and Organic Materials)Prof. Dr. P. Bäuerle (komm.)Institute of Chemical EngineeringProf. Dr.-Ing. R. GüttelProf. Dr.-Ing. T. GrütznerProf. Dr. D. ZiegenbalgWorkgroup Chemical Information SystemsDr. J. VogtAssociated InstitutesHelmholtz Insitute Ulm of Electrochemical Energy Storage (HIU)Center of Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW)






Department of Physics

Institute of Biophysics
Prof. Dr. J. Michaelis, Prof. Dr. Ch. Gebhardt
Institute of Experimental Physics
Prof. Dr. O. Marti, Prof. Dr. K. Gottschalk
Institute of Solid State Physics
Prof. Dr. O. Marti (komm.)
Institute of Complex Quantum Systems
Prof. Dr. J. Ankerhold
Institute of Quantum Matter
Prof. Dr. J. Hecker-Denschlag
Institute of Quantum Optics
Prof. Dr. F. Jelezko, Prof. Dr. A. Kubanek
Institute of Quantum Physics
Prof. Dr. W. Schleich
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Prof. Dr. M. B. Plenio, Prof. Dr. S. F. Huelga
Electron Microscopy Group of Materials Science
Prof. Dr. U. Kaiser