Ultratrace analysis
Infrared sensors & spectroscopy
Molecular recognition
Multifunctional scanning probes

Our cross-disciplinary research program is focused to the development and application of innovative (micro- and nano)analytical platforms providing advanced methods and technologies in sensing, diagnostics, and imaging of complex molecular processes relevant to environmental, industrial, and medical/biological applications.

Furthermore, the IABC operates the Focused Ion Beam Center UUlm, an interdisciplinary facility for micro- and nanofabrication and –characterization. 

CALL FOR MASTER THESIS OR PROJECT WORK: Mycotoxin analysis from cereals
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The International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR 2023 Innsbruck) will be held this year from August 20-24, 2023, at the Congress Innsbruck, Austria. Feel free to join!

June 2023: The paper by F. Bock, et al. entitled "Efficient and robust image registration for two-dimensional micro-X-ray fluorescence measurements" has been elected to decorate the cover of JAAS. Congratulations to the team!

May 2023: On Thursday 25.05.2023 Prof. Boris Mizaikoff was a guest at Radio free FM in Ulm!

May 2023: The paper by A. Teuber, et al. entitled "Espresso Science: Laser-Based Diamond Thin-Film Waveguide Sensors for the Quantification of Caffeine" has been elected to decorate the cover of ACS Sensors. Congratulations to the team!

April 2023: Prof. Boris Mizaikoff receives the Fritz-Pregel-Medaille of the Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry (ASAC). Congratulations!

March 2023: IABC and partners across Europe won a series of exciting EU-projects launched in 2023: M3NIR, NETHELIX, TRIQUETRA and H2OforAll. In addition, following EU-projects are currently ongoing: PHOTONFOOD and ENVIROMED.

Dezember 2022: Congratulations to Prof. C. Kranz for being nominated this year's speaker of the Heyrovsky - Ilkovic - Nernst lecture which was established in 2002 by the German Chemical Society together with the Czech Chemical Society and the Slovak Chemical Society.

Dezember 2022: Dominic Iannitto (Bachelor) and Riccarda Müller (Master) recieve the Studienpreis Analytische Chemie from the GDCh. Congratulations Dominic and Riccarda!

September 2022: Diellza Bajrami and Syed Imdadul Hossain recieve the prize for the best poster and oral presentation for their contribution "Preparation and Characterization of Zinc-phosphate based nanoantimicrobial coating for smart food packing application" at the 2022 IEEE International Conference "Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties". Congratulations Diellza and Syed!

September 2022: The paper by S. Rajpal, et al. entitled "An in silico predictive method to select multi-monomer combinations for peptide imprinting" has been elected to decorate the cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry B. Congratulations to the team!

Juli 2022: The study info film "Everything is Chemistry" is now ONLINE. We especially thank the many contributors of the IABC. Have fun watching it!

June 2022: Andrea Teuber recieves the Young Researcher Award for her contribution "Fundamental and applicative research in laser-material interactions" at the EMRS Spring 2022 Meeting (online). Congratulations Andrea!

May 2022: Krishnaveni Palanisamy recieves the 3. poster prize at the BACCARA Power Day 2022. Congratulations Krishnaveni!

January 2022: We are delighted to welcome our new secretary - Ms. Monja Claus - starting 1.1.2022 at IABC. Monja can be reached Monday-Wednesday 8:00-13:00, and Thursday-Friday 8:00-16:00 at her office (N26/322), via Monja.Claus(at)uni-ulm.de or by phone +49-731-50-22751. Welcome to the IABC Team, Monja!

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