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Multifunctional scanning probes

Our cross-disciplinary research program is focused to the development and application of innovative (micro- and nano)analytical platforms providing advanced methods and technologies in sensing, diagnostics, and imaging of complex molecular processes relevant to environmental, industrial, and medical/biological applications.

Furthermore, the IABC operates the Focused Ion Beam Center UUlm, an interdisciplinary facility for micro- and nanofabrication and –characterization. 

CALL FOR MASTER THESIS OR PROJECT WORK: Mycotoxin analysis from cereals
More info here.

CALL FOR MASTER THESIS: Ersatz von Sn-Oberflächen durch organische Beschichtungen für Cu-basierte Kontaktwerkstoffe. Anfragen an: Robert Stach


The 19th International Conference on Electroanalysis (ESEAC2024) will take place at University Ulm. Please find more information here.

June 2024: Benedikt Keitel receives the Cell Press Best Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award at the 12th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting in Verona (Italy) for the paper Tailored Macroscopic Geometries of Porous Molecularly Imprinted Polymers via LCD-Based 3D Printing. Congratulations Benedikt!

March 2024: The article by B. Keitel, et al. entitled "Emulsion-Free 3D Printing of Inherently Porous Molecularly Imprinted Polymers with Tailored Macroscopic Geometries" was selected as the cover of ACS Applied Polymer Materials. Congratulations to the team!

October 2023: Riccarda Müller recieves the Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck-prize 2023. Congratulations Riccarda!

September 2023: Riccarda Müller recieves the 2. posterprize at the 19th International Conference on Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods for her contribution X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for quantitative and distribution analysis of metals in POMbranes. Congratulations Riccarda!

September 2023: Sebastian Hauser recieves the 1. posterprize at the 19th International Conference on Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods for his contribution Trace metal analysis in placenta using TXRF and μXRF – impact of preservation. Congratulations Sebastian!

September 2023: The paper by S. Klingler, et al. entitled "Rationalizing In Situ Active Repair in Hydrogen Evolution Photocatalysis via Non‐Invasive Raman Spectroscopy" has been elected to decorate the cover of Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations to the team!

June 2023: The paper by F. Bock, et al. entitled "Efficient and robust image registration for two-dimensional micro-X-ray fluorescence measurements" has been elected to decorate the cover of JAAS. Congratulations to the team!

May 2023: On Thursday 25.05.2023 Prof. Boris Mizaikoff was a guest at Radio free FM in Ulm!

May 2023: The paper by A. Teuber, et al. entitled "Espresso Science: Laser-Based Diamond Thin-Film Waveguide Sensors for the Quantification of Caffeine" has been elected to decorate the cover of ACS Sensors. Congratulations to the team!

April 2023: Prof. Boris Mizaikoff receives the Fritz-Pregel-Medaille of the Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry (ASAC). Congratulations!

March 2023: IABC and partners across Europe won a series of exciting EU-projects launched in 2023: M3NIR, NETHELIX, TRIQUETRA and H2OforAll. In addition, following EU-projects are currently ongoing: PHOTONFOOD and ENVIROMED.

Dezember 2022: Congratulations to Prof. C. Kranz for being nominated this year's speaker of the Heyrovsky - Ilkovic - Nernst lecture which was established in 2002 by the German Chemical Society together with the Czech Chemical Society and the Slovak Chemical Society.

Dezember 2022: Dominic Iannitto (Bachelor) and Riccarda Müller (Master) recieve the Studienpreis Analytische Chemie from the GDCh. Congratulations Dominic and Riccarda!

September 2022: Diellza Bajrami and Syed Imdadul Hossain recieve the prize for the best poster and oral presentation for their contribution "Preparation and Characterization of Zinc-phosphate based nanoantimicrobial coating for smart food packing application" at the 2022 IEEE International Conference "Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties". Congratulations Diellza and Syed!

September 2022: The paper by S. Rajpal, et al. entitled "An in silico predictive method to select multi-monomer combinations for peptide imprinting" has been elected to decorate the cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry B. Congratulations to the team!

Juli 2022: The study info film "Everything is Chemistry" is now ONLINE. We especially thank the many contributors of the IABC. Have fun watching it!

June 2022: Andrea Teuber recieves the Young Researcher Award for her contribution "Fundamental and applicative research in laser-material interactions" at the EMRS Spring 2022 Meeting (online). Congratulations Andrea!

May 2022: Krishnaveni Palanisamy recieves the 3. poster prize at the BACCARA Power Day 2022. Congratulations Krishnaveni!

January 2022: We are delighted to welcome our new secretary - Ms. Monja Claus - starting 1.1.2022 at IABC. Monja can be reached Monday-Wednesday 8:00-13:00, and Thursday-Friday 8:00-16:00 at her office (N26/322), via Monja.Claus(at)uni-ulm.de or by phone +49-731-50-22751. Welcome to the IABC Team, Monja!

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