Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Theses

If you would like

  • to do research on hot topics of theoretical interface and electro-chemistry,
  • to use modern methods of electronic structure theory such as Density Functional Theory (Nobel Prize for Chemistry Walter Kohn 1998) to address surfaces, interfaces, and electrochemical energy storage and conversion, 
  • to study the kinetics and dynamics of chemical and electrochemical reaction using first-principles simulations, 
  • to join a well-established research team with international contacts, 
  • to get to know lovely Ulm and its surroundings, 

then you should consider joining our research team. Please contact Axel Groß to inquire details about possible research projects. A first overview is given on our web pages, you might also want to have a look at our recent publications.

There is an open Post Doc / Group leader position  in  the Research Group Elementary Processes at the Helmholtz-Institut Ulm.


Prof. Dr. Axel Groß
Institut für Theoretische Chemie
Universität Ulm
Institut für Theoretische Chemie
Oberberghof 7
89081 Ulm
Room: BMS/3007