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The professorship of business chemistry at Ulm University was established in 2016. It is one two departments of this kind in Germany. The new professorship supports the degree programs in Chemistry and Management (B.Sc., M.Sc.) which look back at a history of more than 10 years at Ulm University.

Our research questions lie at the interface of management science and chemistry. We understand business chemistry as a management science working on current and future questions arising in the chemical industry and related sectors at product, process, company and sectoral level. Moreover, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry represents a research topic on its own.

This sectoral focus seems justified due to a number of particularities of the chemical industry in comparison to other sectors, for example chemical reactions with inherent nonlinearities and wide-spread process integration, a high level of internationalization and innovation strength to cite a few. The chemical industry takes a key role in a number of key technologies such as industrial biotechnology or nanotechnology, in e-mobility (e.g., research on chemical energy storage) and energy technology. Therefore, chemistry could make significant contributions in various areas and help in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On the other hand, chemical industry has to face a number of challenges. These include the management of substance related and technological risks, the sustainability agenda and the switch to a sustainable resource base with a renewable and climate neutral carbon source. All this results in a variety of research fields and topics for business chemistry 

Prof. Dr. Michael Hiete
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