Media Coverage

Sometimes, our work also gets people outside of the scientifc community interested. It is always exciting to see, what journalists and other media make of this, so here is an incomplete list of the coverage.

  1. Our solar hydrogen exhibit in the Futurium has been featured in a TV show on the Kinderkanal: The bit about hydrogen is around the time 16:20. (Public TV, so it can unfortunately only be viewed from a German IP address).
  2. The topic of negative emissions seems to get quite some media attention these days. An interview on our recent ESD paper has gone online in Deutschlandfunk. (German)
  3. Our solar water splitting publication in ACS Energy Letters was the topic of a more in-depth article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (German).
  4. The popular, Cambridge-based science podcast The Naked Scientists picked up our solar water splitting publication in Nature Communications.