Introduction to Theoretical Chemistry WS 2020/21

Remarks due to the recent Corona crisis:

Due to the current pandemic situation, this class will offered as an online course with asynchronous presentations. The content of the class will be delivered weekly in short presentations, at the same time, lecture notes will be provided.

There is a moodle course associated with this class that can be accessed via . Please enroll as a particpant so that you can also be reached via the moodle platform. There also all materials necessary for the class will be provided.



Docent: Prof. Axel Groß

Asynchronous online class via the Moodle platform

Materials: lecture script and presentations that correspond to the weekly lectures


Docent: Prof. Axel Groß

Class with homework assignments, solutions to be uploaded through the Moodle platform

Current issues:

Start of the lectures: November 2, 2020



Problem sets:

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