Student Testimonials

Jovana from Serbia

What I really like about the Master in Finance program is that it offers courses that cover a wide range of areas in finance and that students are completely free to choose their own study path. Since I come from a country in which the financial sector is not very developed, this helped me a lot to get an overview of many different topics and to choose my area of interest. Furthermore, the environment and the overall atmosphere at the University is very stimulating and besides high-quality theoretical and practical knowledge that students can gain, they have a chance to work together with their colleagues who are coming from all around the world and to learn more about different cultures and team-work in such an international environment. In my opinion, the experience I gained during two years I spent in Ulm prepared me in the best possible way for my future career and enabled me to enter a leading-edge company in the area of the investment and risk.

Jovana, student from Serbia.
(After graduating in 2013, Jovana got a position as an analyst at risklab GmbH, The Investment and Risk Advisory Experts of AllianzGI Global Solutions.)

Jun from China

"What I like most are the flexibility of the program and the freedom it gives to the students. At the end of the first year, after tasting everything interesting, we can choose to focus on either mathematical or economical aspect of finance. With plenty of courses offered in both areas, we can design our own curricula respectively. This structure is great for beginning graduate students, because interests and career goals of them vary.

Another feature of the program is the practical work involved in the courses, seminars and thesis. In the course of preparation, we learn how to review literature, translate problems, come up with new ideas, program and calculate, support your arguments and summarize. In the presentation, we learn how to speak to the audience and make them understand. According to the personal experiences of my fellow students and myself, what we did in the seminars and thesis proves to be very relevant to finding a position later, in both industry and academia."

Jun, student from China.
(After graduating in 2012, Jun went to Tampere, Finland, where he started studying for a PhD in computational finance.)

Ken from Japan

"I see three strong advantages in studying the MSc Finance program at Ulm. First, I feel the course offers a perfect mixture between theoretical and practical knowledge. My first degree was in mathematics, where knowledge was passed on through a piece of chalk on the blackboard. As much as I enjoyed this experience, in Ulm many courses are real-life oriented, we are able to gain experience applying knowledge and handling data using software such as Bloomberg, DataStream, MATLAB, R, or C++. I personally found this extremely helpful during my internships. Second, the diversity of students in the program is just surprising. Colleagues literally come from around the globe (of course, Germany too!) and it is a great opportunity to be able to network with such a diverse range of colleagues. Third but not least, I find this program very flexible. You have an opportunity to become a teaching assistant in your third semester. You can write your master's thesis in collaboration with a renowned institution. You could perhaps do an exchange semester in the USA or take a semester off doing an internship. I have seen colleagues structure their own unique master's program here.

Finally, as a student studying finance, taught to make 'rational' decisions, I would like to end by saying that the cost and quality of education in Ulm leads me to believe that I was able to maximize utility doing my master's degree here."

Ken, student from Japan.
(After graduating in 2013, Ken went to Tokyo, Japan, where he started working as an asset manager.)

Christian from Ecuador

"During this Master Program in Finance I was honored to meet and work with people from all around the world in a very friendly and challenging environment.
I was very positively impressed by the high level in Finance and Financial Mathematics from this top-ranking program, with excellent internationally recognized professors. Additionally, this program opened many doors for me and my fellow students. In my third semester I got the opportunity to work for the Institute of Finance as a teaching assistant and in the fourth semester I am writing my thesis for an internationally leading company. I highly recommend this program!"

Christian, from Ecuador.
(After graduating in 2010, Christian found a job in the international audit firm KPMG. He started working in a team that focuses on the analysis of investment portfolios.)

Shuonan from China

"The time to study as a master student of finance in Ulm University gives me a unique and impressive experience. The most attractive point for me is the diversified curriculum of the program that gives a chance to learn the most developed financial related theories and principles. Although it was a little bit challenging at the beginning, with the help of excellent professors and passionate colleagues I have gained much quantitative skills and problem-solving capabilities which will no doubt benefit my future studies and career. Furthermore, there are also other forms of learning, e.g., sport, travel, internships, social activities, all of which give me both fun and knowledge. I really appreciate and enjoy the life in Ulm."

Shuonan, from China.
(After graduating in 2010, Shuonan found a position at the University of Trier in Germany where she started studying for a PhD in finance.)


Christopher from England

"The MSc Finance programme in Ulm has the capacity to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in the financial industry. The flexible structure and wide range of courses offer numerous directions of specialisation, and an invaluable cultural experience is obtained through studying with colleagues from across the globe."

Christopher, from England.
(After graduating in 2014, Christopher got a position as a quantitative management associate at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.)

Mazen from Yemen

"The Master of Finance program offers classes that are well suited to prepare students for a career in the financial sector, as well as classes that are more research oriented. Due to the various seminars I took during my studies, several group projects and the master‘s thesis, I was well prepared for my Ph.D., which I am currently doing at Ulm University as well."

Mazen, from Yemen.
(After graduating in 2015, Mazen found a position at the University of Ulm where he started studying for a PhD in numerical finance.)