Admission Requirements

Applicants for this program must have completed a Bachelor’s degree (or an equivalent thereof) in mathematics or in another quantitative and mathematically-orientated discipline from a recognized university. Applicants with a degree in physics, engineering or computer science are usually eligible. A degree in economics can be sufficient provided that you have successfully taken a significant number of courses in mathematics and statistics. A degree in business, commerce or accounting is usually not sufficient for admission because typical programs in these fields do not contain the amount of training in mathematics and statistics that is required for the MSc Finance. Please note that mathematics courses outside university (e.g. secondary school) cannot be considered as a surrogate for missing qualifications at the Bachelor's level.

Note that courses in financial mathematics and mathematics, which are an integral part of the MSc Finance, are on the level of mathematics programs. Applicants should therefore have a genuine interest in mathematics.

If you are in doubt whether you meet the requirements, beginning from October 1st each year, you can send us an email with only your transcript of records for a preliminary check. Please try not to send attachments larger than 2 MB.

Furthermore, an above-average performance in the completed degree and good knowledge of the English language is required. For the latter, you can use a TOEFL (score of at least 570 for the paper-based test, 230 for the computer-based test, or 88 for the internet-based test) or an IELTS (score of 6.5 or better). A test is not needed by applicants whose mother tongue is English or who have completed a Bachelor taught in English. 

You do not need prior knowledge in finance. The compulsory courses of the first semester are structured such that they can serve as an introduction to finance. Successful applicants will display the willingness to work in a challenging, multi-cultural environment, a strong mathematical ability and good communication skills.


Next intake is winter semester 2018/2019.

To submit your application, register at uni-assist and follow these steps. Please make sure that you fulfill the formal requirements.

Application deadline is April 30, 2018. By this date, all documents need to be at uni-assist. If you haven't submitted the necessary documents online, you can instead send simple paper copies of your documents via mail:

Ulm University
c/o uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

In case your mail service does not accept the address above, you can instead send your documents to:

Ulm University
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststraße 5
10829 Berlin, Germany


If you submit your application until the end of February/middle of April/end of April, you can expect to be informed about the admission decision by the middle of April/end of May/middle of June. We recommend you to apply as soon as possible.

Important documents that you will need for the application:

  • ­Certificate of your Bachelor degree (or other degree qualifying you for the Master) including a transcript of records. If you have not yet completed the degree but expect it to complete before the program starts, it is also possible to apply with a preliminary transcript of records. You can get an admission based on the transcript of records, and hand in the final certificate later on.
  • Proof of English language knowledge (Not needed by applicants who have completed a Bachelor taught in English or whose mother tongue is English). As with the degree certificate, you can hand in the test results later.
  • A letter of motivation can be added. If you decide to do so, briefly describe (one page is enough) your motivation for studying for a Master in Finance. 
  • Other information (e.g. about work experience, or letters of reference) can be added but they are not required.

Uni-assist charges a processing fee for the application. Please note that if you don't pay the processing fee in time, your application will not be forwarded to University of Ulm.

Applicants with German citizenship only

Exclusively(!) applicants with German citizenship may apply by using this online application form.

All other applicants have to follow the procedure outlined above.