Spin qubits for quantum biosensing and metrology

Sensing using spin qubits is a new field of research that emerged at the interface of quantum information science and the field of sensing and metrology. High sensitivity and spectral resolution in quantum metrology requires long spin coherence times, which often is not compatible with room temperature operation for variety solid state qubits (crucial for applications in life sciences). Spin qubits in diamond are outstanding in this respect, since the diamond lattice allows for millisecond coherence time of electronic spins even under ambient conditions.

In our team, we are targeting to apply diamond spin qubits for sensitive and highly spatially resolved measurements of magnetic field with particular emphasis on nanoscale sensing under ambient conditions. This research area is of crucial importance for several fields for science including biochemistry, biology and medicine. Recent demonstrations of diamond-based quantum sensing and imaging include nanoscale NMR and EPR of single biomolecule and hyperpolarization enhanced MRI. We also explore how spin-based hybrid sensing can be extended to a variety of different quantities, including temperature, electric field and pressure as well as force with focus on applications  in life sciences.