How to apply for the Quantum Engineering M. Sc.

The application to the "Quantum Engineering" Master of Science programme consists of the stages reported below.

Please read carefully the information below regarding the online registration and the required documents.

How to Apply

  Winter semester Summer semester
Application start 1st April 1st December
Application deadline 15th May 15th January
Start of programme October April



This is how you apply:

Step 1: Registration in the campus portal of Ulm University
You register online via "My personal campus portal" (link available here during the application phase).
After self-registration, you will receive an e-mail with the activation code and a request to confirm your personal account in the campus portal of Ulm University.

Step 2: Application in the campus portal of Ulm University
You submit your application via "My personal campus portal" and upload the required documents.


For further information on the entry requirements and the necessary application documents, please consult the page of the admission department  for the Quantum Engineering Master: link

If you need assistance to complete the form, please read the file: "How to complete the subject-specific Form"

It is very important that the form is filled correctly with information on the grading system at your university as well as information on the courses you attended. If the application form is not filled properly, your application may be rejected.

Graduates of the Ulm University with a B. Sc. in Physics or Electrical Engineering, should use the application form "Antrag auf Studiengangwechsel / Umschreibung vom Bachelor in den Master" and bring it to the Studiensekretariat. For more information please read here.

Dr. Maria-Verena Kohnle
Studienkommission Physik
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm
Telefon: 0731/50-23032
Raum: N25/3106