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Company and Project Database

  • Phenospex B.V. (Netherlands)

    Our work contributes to a world in which agriculture is done more efficiently and reduces the impact of food production on our planet. We develop and produce sensor technologies and analytics software specifically designed to assess crops worldwide. We help to automate hardest jobs in plant science, plant breeding and in agriculture by solid and elegant solutions. We are an international team of around 20 people, coming from diverse backgrounds in, for example, plant science, agriculture, physics, computer vision and business and we love to solve challenging problems.

    We will be doubling our company size within the next two years and we are looking for passionate employees in the areas of software development (C++), robotics, machine learning, customer support (Hard- and Software), quality control, sales & marketing.

    We are looking for graduates in anything from Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer/ Electrical/Automation Engineering to Biology or Business Administration. You should have an interest in agriculture. There are endless entry possibilities: being as a student apprentice and climb up the career ladder with us. Phenospex offers you an inspiring working environment with an engaged, committed, multi-cultural team and lots of room for personal development.

    Additional requirements:
    • Linux, C++, R
    • Image Processing in 3D
    • Marketing, Digital marketing
    • Good English communication skill
    • Team player capabilities
    • “Do-what-it-takes” attitude
    • Willingness to learn new technologies
    • Strong interest in rock-solid high-quality products
    • Natural drive to improve things

    Phenospex B.V.
    Alexandra Müller | Jan Campertstraat 11 | NL-6416 SG Heerlen
    Tel. +31 45 – 7111 693 | a.mueller(at) |

  • LIFE for MIRES (Czech Republic and Germany)

    The LIFE for MIRES project aims to improve degraded mires and other wetland habitats of the Habitats Directive, and their underlying landscape hydrology, in the National Park Šumava and the Bavarian Forest, through transboundary collaboration between partners in the Czech Republic and Germany.

    Specific objectives are:

    • Restoration and improvement toward the natural state of all types of wetlands covering an area of 1 672 ha
    • Restoration of landscape hydrology to improve water retention
    • Maintenance and improvement of the population of Tetrao tetrix by restoring its habitats
    • Increase of public awareness and support of key landowners to restore mires and landscape hydrology


    The project implements the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive. It also contributes to the Water Framework Directive, EU Biodiversity Strategy, German National Strategy on Biological Diversity, Strategy for Preservation of Biological Diversity in Bavaria, and the State Programme of Nature and Landscape Conservation in the Czech Republic.

    There are positions for Biologists at the different project partners.

    The USB plans to offer some topics for theses (Bc or Msc) or internships. If you are interested, please contact the coordinators at the USB Dr. Zuzana Urbanová / Dr. Tomáš Picek.

    Full name of the project: Trans-boundary Restoration of Mires for Biodiversity and Landscape Hydrology in Sumava and Bavarian Forest

    Project duration: 01/08/2018 to 31/12/2024

    Project partners:

  • Biodiversity Exploratories (Germany)

    The Biodiversity Exploratories are a German Science Foundation funded research project with the main goals:

    • to understand the relationship between biodiversity of different taxa and levels
    • to understand the role of land use and management for biodiversity
    • to understand the role of biodiversity for ecosystem processes


    There are three exploratories in Germany where the functional biodiversity research will be conducted:

    • Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin in the State of Brandenburg
    • National Park Hainich and its surroundings in the State of Thuringia and
    • Biosphere Reserve Schwäbische Alb in the State of Baden-Württemberg.



  • EarthShape (Germany and Chile)

    The overarching research question of EarthShape is how microorganisms, animals, and plants influence the shape and development of the Earth’s surface over time scales from the present-day to the distant geologic past.

    EarthShape bridges between scientific disciplines and includes geoscientists and biologists to study this complex question from different viewpoints. Approximately 60 German and 20 Chilean researchers are involved in a diverse range of projects of this priority program.

    All study sites are located in the north-to-south trending Coastal Cordillera mountains of Chile, South America. These sites span from the Atacama Desert in the north to the Araucaria forests approximately 1300 km to the south. The site selection contains a large ecological and climate gradient ranging from very dry to humid climate conditions. The sites were selected to avoid other complicating factors such as differences in rock type, and glacial, and volcanic impacts.

    EarthShape is a 6-year priority program that started in 2016 and is funded through the German Science Foundation (DFG-SPP 1803).

    If you are interested in doing an internship or a thesis in EarthShape, please have a closer look at the projects and contact the respective contact persons.

  • Kehtna Mõisa LLC (Estonia)

    Kehtna Mõisa LLC is a company that is very diverse in activities. They have a dairy farm with over 1000 milking cows and crop production on about 1700 hectares. In addition to that, another field of production is poultry keeping with 7000 chicken. They also have a meat factory that is a subsidiary company of Kehtna Mõisa LLC. 

    They offer jobs or internship possibilities depending on the current situation. Possible positions to apply for are: farm manager assistant, technical service, tractor driver, milker, cattle-farm worker, poultry-farm worker.

    Siim Riisenberg
    E-mail: kmoy(at)
    Tel: +372 5283314
    Web page:

  • Estonian Crop Research Institute

    The Estonian Crop Research Institute is a state research and development institute in the area of governance of  Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs. The institute deals with applied and basic studies in the following areas: development and upgrade of efficient and environmentally friendly agrotechnologies, the dependence of yield and quality formation from used varieties and agrotechnologies, plant protection, plant health, agrochemistry,  fertilisation and agrometeorology.

    E-mail: info(at)
    Tel: +372 776 6901
    Web page:

  • Agricultural Research Centre

    The Agricultural Research Centre (ARC) is an institution administrated by the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs. The Centre involves different laboratories, field testing centres and departments which are dealing with agri-environmental monitoring, analysis of rural economy, and rural networking. We offer internship in the Laboratory of Plant Health and Microbiology, where you have opportunity to assist and learn about different analyses and activities:

    • identification of bacterial diseases and phytoplasmas on plant material
    • identification and confirmation of plant diseases and pests by molecular biology methods and sequencing
    • microbiological analyses of plant products, feedstuff, compost and soil
    • identection of general toxicity in cereal, cereal products, feedstuffs and feedstuff components
    • and many more.


    Karme Petrutis
    E-mail:  karme.petrutis(at)
    Web page: /


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