Survival Analysis

Lecture Survival Analysis

LecturerProf. Dr. Ulrich Stadtmüller
Class teacherMarta Zampiceni

Type 2 hours lecture and 1 hour exercises (2+1); 4 ECTS.

Time and venueLecture:
  • Wednesday, 8-10, N24/131
  • Tuesday, 12-13, He18/120
  • Basics
  • Censoring and truncation
  • Nonparametric estimation
  • Regression models
Exercise sheets
R exercises:
  • John Klein, Melvin Moeschberger: Survival Analysis, Springer, 2005
  • David Kleinbaum: Survival Analysis: a self-learning text, Springer, 1996
  • W. N. Venables, B. D. Ripley: Modern Applied Statistics with S, Springer, 2002
  • John Maindonald, W. John Braun: Data Analysis and Graphics Using R, Cambridge University Press, 2007
  • John Kalbfleisch, Ross Prentice: The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time Data, Wiley, 1980
  • Odd Aalen, Ornulf Borgan, Hakon Gjessing: Survival and Event History Analysis, Springer, 2008


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stadtmüller
Office hours: Mo. 14 - 16
Phone: +49 (0)731/ 50-23512
Ulrich Stadtmüller

Class teacher
Marta Zampiceni
Office hours: Wed. 10 - 12 and by appointment
Phone: +49 (0)731/ 50-23513
Marta Zampiceni


  • Final exam: Thursday, 08.03.2012 (at 10:00, in He18/120)
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