Peter Skocovsky

I am a research assistant working on the project Live Ontologies (since October 2015).

Between 2010 and 2014 I studied European Master’s Program in Computational Logic in the universities TU Dresden, University of Bolzano, TU Wien and Universidade Nova de Lisboa. My master's thesis was about Realisation of Stepping for Real-World ASP Languages under supervision of João Leite and Hans Tompits. In 2012 I did an internship concerning Constraint Satisfaction Problems at NICTA under supervision of Toby Walsh.



Busoniu, Paula-Andra; Oetsch, Johannes; Pührer, Jörg; Skocovsky, Peter; Tompits, Hans
SeaLion: An eclipse-based IDE for answer-set programming with advanced debugging support
TPLP, 13(4-5):657-673
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