Since its start in 2001, the SFB 569 "Hierarchic Structure Formation and Function of Organic-Inorganic Nanosystems" concentrated its efforts on exploiting the self-organization of organic building blocks on top of inorganic substrates acting as platform for corresponding of Organic-Inorganic Nanosystems. In this way, a natural goal of nanoscience is approached to create hybrid systems providing novel functions which originate from new properties of nanoscaled objects. To tackle these experimental and theoretical tasks, the SFB 569 was structured into the following project areas:

A: Supramolecular, molecular and macromolecular functional building blocks

B: Mesoscopically organized functional building blocks and nanopatterned surfaces

C: Functional hybrid systems

G: Common Projects (Electron Microscopy & Clean Room Facilities)

N: Young Scientist Group (Theory)

Clearly, the topic of the SFB 569 required a close interdisciplinary collaboration between chemists and physicists with emphasis on both, experiment and theory.

The workshop concludes the active period of SFB 569. Thus, besides reporting on some of its recent highlights, the Meeting will address also future research activities emerging from the knowhow acquired during the SFB period like nanomedicine as well as energy related nanomaterials.