International Research Funding


We support researchers in acquiring projects from international third-party funding bodies, in particular the EU. One focus of our work is advising on applications to the European Research Council. We also represent the university in various networks.

EU Funding

When preparing and drafting applications, we support you in selecting suitable funding formats and information, including on the promotion of early career researchers and equal opportunities and the integration of your initiative into the University's research priorities. We can also give you the relevant contacts for budget planning and legal issues.

ERC Programmes

ERC applications focus on your project. Structural issues such as gender equality, promotion of young researchers or political requirements do not have to be addressed. This makes it all the more important to present your project idea in a convincing and target group-specific way. Based on our many years of experience, we support you from the joint discussion of your initial ideas to the preparation of the application and the presentation of your project in an interview with the reviewers.

Non EU Programmes

If you wish to submit a research proposal to an international research funding body outside the EU, please contact us or the corresponding legal department directly for individual advice. Please note the longer lead times of several weeks, as committees usually have to be involved and legal questions have to be clarified individually!