Research Successes

Logo of the Center for Research Strategy and Support of Ulm University

National Research Collaborations

  • Clusters of Excellence

    Ulm University was successful in the excellence strategy and has acquired a cluster of excellence in the field of battery research. From January 2019, the Cluster of Excellence "Post Lithium Storage" (POLiS) will receive funding of around seven million euros per year.

  • Bund-Länder Initiative "Innovative University"

    The goal of the InnoSÜD university network is to enable sustainable exchange between science, industry and society with innovative transfer formats. As part of the Initiative Innovative University, the universities of applied sciences Biberach and Ulm and Neu-Ulm as well as Ulm University and the company TriCAT have joined forces. Together they want to create a dynamic innovation system that positions the Donau-Iller-Riß region as a link between the metropolises of Stuttgart and Munich among Europe's most competitive and innovative regions.

  • DFG Collaborative Research Centres

    At Ulm University four Collaborative Research Centres are currently funded by the DFG.

  • DFG Research Units

    At Ulm University the following Research Units are funded by the DFG.

  • DFG Priority Programmes

    At Ulm University the Priority Programme "CRISPR-Cas functions beyond defence" is coordinated.

  • BMBF

    At Ulm University, about one hundred BMBF collaborative projects are funded. As an example successful projects under the overall coordination of Ulm University are listed.

International Research

Early Career Programmes

  • Doctoral programmes

    Ulm University offers a variety of structured doctoral programmes.

  • Emmy Noether Junior Research Groups of the DFG

  • Heisenberg Programme of the DFG

    At Ulm University, the DFG funds the following Heisenberg Professorships.

  • Humboldt Research Fellowship

    Dr Jun Huang | Institute of Theoretical Chemistry

    "Deciphering the Metal-Oxide-Electrolyte Interface for Electrochemical Water Splitting by Combining Density Functional Theory, Mean-Field and Microkinetic Modeling"

  • Max Eder Junior Research Group of the German Cancer Aid

    PD Dr. Dr. Patrick Herrmann | Department of Internal Medicine I