Strategic programmes


We support the university in strategic issues relating to research, structural and development planning, international research cooperation and the external presentation of research. By implementing strategic research measures, we shape the framework conditions for excellent research.

Equipment Commission

(excluding the Faculty of Medicine)

A recommendation from the Equipment Commission is required for the procurement of equipment, hardware and software with a net procurement value of EUR 100,000 or more. We act as the office of the Equipment Commission.

Science Spheres

The opening up and further development of overarching key areas at the university takes place in Science Spheres. In a mission-oriented research programme, the Science Spheres work on highly topical, overarching research topics in a transdisciplinary manner.

Research Incubators

With the Research Incubators, the university promotes innovative cooperation projects in competitive calls for proposals that open up new interdisciplinary fields of research outside the University's usual areas of specialisation.

Research Managemant Centre of the Faculty of Medicine

We provide coordinative support for the Faculty of Medicine's research centres, currently the Centre for Trauma Research and the Neurocentre. In addition, we support the Faculty of Medicine's strategic research construction projects at the interface between science, construction and administration, such as the ‘Multidimensional Trauma Sciences (MTW)’ research building currently under construction.

Core Facilities of the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine's Core Facilities make resources available for shared use across all institutions and external organisations in order to strengthen scientific performance. The central management is located at Res.UL.