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Research Strategy

We support the university in strategic questions in the area of research, structural and development planning, international research cooperations and external representation of research activities.

Funding Information

We provide information about national and international funding opportunities in the field of research. This is done through personal advice, via our website and via regular newsletters.

Funding Proposal Counselling

We support, advise and participate in grant applications to public funding agencies, private foundations and industry.  Our services include information on promotion of early-career-researchers, gender equality, budget planning and how the proposed project fits into the research profile of the university.

Research Infrastructures

We establish and further develop the research infrastructures of Ulm University, especially through core facilities, large equipment and grant applications for research buildings according to article 91b of the German Basic Law. 

Major Research Instrumentation Commission of the University (without Medical Faculty)

Application forms for major research instrumentation over EUR 100,000 can be found here*

*only readable within the university network


Individual Grants Programmes – a new section on the DFG website

The DFG's website has been expanded to include a new section: under the heading “Individual Grants Programmes – A How-To Guide”, it is aimed primarily at first-time applicants who are interested in individual funding from the DFG.


Center for Research Strategy and Support

Head: Dr Christoph Meier

Ulm University
Helmholtzstr. 22
89081 Ulm, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)731-50-33637
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e-Mail: forschung(at)uni-ulm.de