National Reaseach Funding

We support researchers in gaining third-party funding, especially for collaborative projects with a focus on public and private third-party funding providers.  If a signature from the university management is required for the application submission, please contact us in good time.

Support for funding applications

When preparing funding applications to public funding bodies, foundations and industry, we provide support with information on, among other things, the promotion of young researchers and equal opportunities, budget planning and classification in the university's research priorities.

We are happy to review your applications, drawing on our experience from previous applications. In doing so, we provide advice on general formal and application-related aspects with an "outside perspective". überarbeiten, Anschubfinanzierung, Ablauf Antragsstellung, Infomaterial

Individual applications, special cases

Depending on capacity, we are also happy to review individual applications such as a DFG grant. In the case of the following third-party funding providers, you should definitely involve us or the administration at an early stage, as extensive clarifications may be necessary in advance:

  •   ZIM (cooperative research with industry)
  •   Baden-Württemberg Foundation (contract research)