Early Career Programmes


We support young scientists after their doctorate in applying for funding that enables early independence and supervise the Faculty of Medicine's junior researcher programmes. To this end, we work closely with ProTrainU, the University's academy for young researchers, and IGradU.

External funding opportunities after the doctorate

There are numerous programmes at national and European level that promote the early independence of young researchers. For many calls for proposals, a change of location, ideally in an international environment, is a key criterion. In principle, the funding opportunities can be divided into incoming (for researchers from abroad with a project in Germany) and outgoing (for researchers from Germany with a project abroad).

Faculty of Medicine funding programmes for scientists at the beginning of their careers

As part of the ‘Ulm Career Track’, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ulm supports doctors and scientists at the beginning of their careers, from doctoral studies through to their professional careers. We take care of the development and supervision of research funding programmes for early career researchers at the Faculty of Medicine.

Doctoral Programme
Experimental Medicine
Aim: Promotion of an experimental doctorate
Target group: Students of human medicine and dentistry, at the earliest after the 1st medical examination or dental preliminary examination/1st dental examination
What: 10-month scholarship (€ 934/month)
Start-up Funding

Aim: To develop own research projects that lead to the acquisition of third-party funding and improved publication performance
Target group: Junior researchers with a doctorate up to 6 years after their doctorate
What: Personnel funds of max. 50,000 €/year for max. 3 years (2 + 1)

Medical Scientist

Aim: Funding of excellent postdocs with the career goal of professionalisation, especially in the fields of Biomedicine and Molecular Medicine
Target group: Postdocs with basic experience (3 years after doctorate at the earliest)
What: 100,000 €/year for max. 6 years (3 + 3)

Basic Clinician
Scientist Programme

Aim: Release from clinical activities to carry out scientific projects
Target group: Doctors with a doctorate who are working in science during their specialist training
What: Job funding (50%) plus material/travelling expenses for 3 years

Advanced Clinician Scientist

Aim: Release from clinical activities to carry out scientific projects and set up your own working group
Target group: Doctoral graduates, scientifically active medical specialists
What: Job funding (50%) plus material/personnel/travelling expenses for 3 years

Reserach Funding for Early Career Scientists

Aim: To increase the attractiveness of the location through additional support from the Faculty of Medicine after the first application for third-party funding or a junior research group has been successfully submitted.
Target group: Successful first-time applicants and junior research group leaders.