University/Industry Cooperation Award

Intense cooperation with companies in business and industry is a traditional strength of Ulm University, and one of its hallmarks. Ulm University attaches great importance to creating structures for cooperation and transfer, not only in the context of the Science City, but also at the transregional level. The objective is to foster close cooperation between science and business so as to implement top-quality technologies from science in commercial applications and create new products, methods and services, boosting innovative capacity. As a university that is strong in research, Ulm University combines important life science topics with future-oriented aspects of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science and Physiology, as well as Management and Economics and Mathematics and Management. This virtually unparalleled range of subjects provides ideal conditions for effective technology transfer and innovative cooperation projects in future-oriented fields with industry and business.

Since 1995, Ulm University has presented an annual Industry/University Cooperation Award, financed by proceeds from the "Industry/University Cooperation" foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to foster cooperation between science and business in research and development with an innovative reference to application. The Cooperation Award goes to members of Ulm University and staff from the collaborative commercial or industrial enterprise who have done great service to achieving the foundation's goals. An allocation body, comprising the President of Ulm University, the Deans of the four faculties and the chair of Ulmer Universitätsgesellschaft, decides how the award is appropriated.


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