Since its foundation in 1967, Ulm University has evolved into a distinguished research university that is visible worldwide. Internationality shapes the research and teaching as well as the daily life of all members of the University. Ulm University is internationally oriented in its thinking and actions and strives to further refine its international profile.

International research

Ulm University is an internationally-oriented research university embedded in one of Germany's most economically dynamic regions. It advocates the exchange of knowledge and scientists across borders to facilitate international leading-edge research. Dynamic third-party funds, prestigious research prizes for researchers at Ulm University as well as outstanding placements in various international rankings bear testimony to the reputation and success of Ulm University.

The Excellence Initiative-funded International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine and the recently established Graduate & Professional Training Centre Ulm are further commitments to the recruitment and promotion of international junior scientists.

The Center for Research Strategy and Support (Res.UL) supports and promotes research across faculties at Ulm University. 


International teaching

International students and teachers as well as students and teachers with international experience shape the teaching at Ulm University.

Twelve English-taught master's programmes and the growing range of double degrees emphasise the international orientation. Ulm University furthermore participates in numerous exchange programmes that enable students and doctoral candidates to spend some time abroad. ERASMUS+, the most important education programme of the European Union, plays a central role, as do various bilateral and Baden-Württemberg exchange programmes.

International guest lecturers complement the teaching portfolio and enhance the international teaching and study environment.


International campus

People from over 100 countries study, research and work at Ulm University. Intercultural sensibility, openness and tolerance characterise life on campus and are an integral part of an active Culture of Welcome.

The current percentage of international students amounts to 13.5 % and 22 % doctoral candidates. Ulm University offers an outstanding support programme – both in terms of preparatory courses as well as a variety of complementary offers that strengthen integration, language proficiency and personal competences.

Numerous student and voluntary initiatives furthermore enrich the international environment. The student group ERASMUS Ulm and Friends and the senior initiative ASSIST (Active Partnership and Support of Senior Consultants for International Students) in particular champion the integration of international students in Ulm; the student-led AK Flucht und Asyl (German  only) with its focus on refugees and the International Unit of the student body also initiate and promote a wide range of international exchange measures.


International networks

Ulm University is part of a strong network of international partnerships, which creates opportunities for students and researchers alike and strengthens the reputation of Ulm as excellent and future-oriented University.

Ulm University is founding member of YERUN, an association of young high-ranking research universities in Europe, dedicated to the promotion of excellence in research and teaching.

Ulm University was instrumental in the establishment of the German University in Cairo (GUC), Germany's biggest transnational education project. Since its inauguration in 2003, the GUC maintains a central coordination office on the campus of Ulm University, which coordinates the nationwide exchange of students and scientists funded by the DAAD. An approximate 12,000 students currently study at GUC based on the model of a German technical university. An ongoing and active exchange both in bachelor's and master's programmes as well as doctoral and PhD programmes builds a strong bridge between Egypt and Germany and thus not only contributes greatly to the entente cordiale between the two nations but also to the increased reputation and visibility of the University.

By establishing the network U5 – Serving the Community – Educating the Global World (German only) Ulm University and its partners in Egypt, China and Russia – Cairo University, Shandong University, Southeast University, Lomonossov Moscow State University and Reshetnev Siberian Aerospace University – created a strong strategic partnership for researching urgent matters of the future.


International rankings

Ulm University was awarded the title of best young university in Germany multiple times: for example in the THE Rankings '150 Under 50' in the years 2014, 2015 and 2017 as well as the QS Rankings 'Top 50 Under 50' in the years 2013, 2014 and 2016.

In the Humboldt Ranking 2017, Ulm University is represented with 26 fellows and four award winners.