Ulm University’s first year-end celebration will take place on 19 July 2024 at the Münsterplatz in Ulm.

The end of the academic year will be celebrated on the Friday before the Schwörwochenende with a big event at the Münsterplatz in Ulm.


Graduation ceremony

Start: 4 PM
Admission: from 2.30 PM

  • Ceremonial entry of the graduates

  • Opening
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weber
    President of Ulm University

  • Short welcoming speech
    Martin Anspacher
    Major of the city of Ulm

  • Interlude: Gato Sorriso

  • Talk
    Dr. Jana Riegger-Koch
    Awardee of ExzellenziaUlm 2023
    Hannah Kniesel
    Awardee of Harald Rose-Preis 2022

  • Interview
    Petra Olschowski
    Minister of Science of the State of Baden-Württemberg

  • Interlude: Gato Sorriso

  • Congratulation
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weber
    President of Ulm University

  • Grande Finale

Moderation: Dr. Denise Burgert

Followed by a get-together with food and drinks.


Start: 7 PM

DJ Link the Beat & Caro Line


Surprise Headliner



Presented by:

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General information

There will be free seating at the event. However, graduates will sit in the front rows. Relatives and other guests can choose a seat behind the reserved rows.

Children under the age of 14 do not need a ticket for the event. If you would like to bring a child under the age of 14 to the event, please contact us at abschlussfeier(at)uni-ulm.de. We will then send you a confirmation of admission.

safety instructions

Information for graduates

To be eligible to participate in the ceremony as a graduate, you must complete your studies in full between 1 January 2023 and 15 June 2024. In concrete terms, this means that all examinations and the final thesis must be written, graded and registered as passed by 15 June 2024 at the latest.

We use the data from the Registrar's Office for the selection. The data synchronisation for this takes place digitally and therefore leaves no room for interpretation or exceptions.

If you still fall into the relevant group, you will be notified by e-mail. We will send monthly emails to the relevant persons up to and including June. If you complete your studies on time, you will still be notified, possibly in June. If not, you will only be included in the group of graduates for next year, but you are of course welcome to attend this year's graduation ceremony as a guest. You can then buy a "normal price" ticket.

The graduate ticket entitles you to receive a set of hat and sash. You will receive these with your admission wristband on the festival site behind the stage.

When planning your arrival, please bear in mind that you will need to collect your hat and sash before the start of the event and line up with your fellow students to move in. Admission is from 14:30, the event starts at 16:00.

Please be backstage for the procession by 15:30 at the latest. There you can collect your hat and sash and line up for the procession. The people walking in front of and behind you during the procession will also be your seat neighbours. So if you want to sit next to friends, make sure you also line up together for the procession. You will receive all further instructions from our staff on site.

There is of course no dress code for the event. Our recommendation for the dress code at the graduation ceremony is festive attire, or just as festive as you feel.



The Alumni-Network

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Graduate tickets ("Absolvierende")

These tickets:

  • are for graduates only
  • include hat and sash
  • entitle you to attend the ceremony and the party

These tickets are only available with a valid matriculation number. Only one ticket per graduate.

Regular Tickets ("Normalpreis")

These tickets:

  • are for relatives and all other guests
  • entitle the holder to attend the festive event and the party

If you have any further questions,
please email us at abschlussfeier(at)uni-ulm.de

Note on photography and video recordings

By purchasing a ticket, you agree that any photographs and video recordings of you may be used in unaltered or altered form in the context of Ulm University's press and public relations work in printed matter, on the websites and in the social media of Ulm University. The rights to the recordings are granted without remuneration. In addition, the recordings may be passed on to third parties, such as the University Foundation, the University Society, Ulm University Hospital and the media and news portals or their processors, so that they can make the recordings publicly accessible on the Internet and publish and distribute them in printed matter as part of Ulm University's press and public relations work.