Ulm University’s Academic Year-End Celebration

Münsterplatz Ulm

19 July 2024

Ulm University’s first year-end celebration will take place on 19 July, 2024 at the Münsterplatz in Ulm.

The end of the academic year will be celebrated on the Friday before the Schwörwochenende with a big event at the Münsterplatz in Ulm.

1.)  Ceremony: Farewell to the graduates
2.)  Get-together with food and drinks
3.)  Academic year-end party for all guests of the ceremony and for the public

The programme is currently being finalised. Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of the 2024 summer semester.

There will be special tickets for graduates.
The link to the graduate tickets will be sent to all authorized persons*, provided a valid email address is available.

Please leave us your private email address if you would like to receive an invitation to the celebration, as you will no longer have access to your Ulm University email address once you are disenrolled.


* eligible are all former students and doctoral candidates from all faculties who graduated or will graduate between 1 January, 2023 and 15 June, 2024.
Ulm University members are also very welcome.