Events for prospective students

The Central student advisory services (Zentrale Studienberatung) offers many events for orientation and considerations when selecting a course of study.

Please notice that all events are held in german.

Current Events

Get to know Ulm University!

You can find further dates of fairs and other events in our Event Calender at any time.

Subject-specific Info Sessions

Choosing the right studies and professional career is not easy. A lot of young people cannot find an appropriate answer to these questions after graduation from school and even after military service, volunteer service or au pair stay.

No wonder, many students are unhappy with their studies. As a result, they consider changing the subject or even dropping out. However, decisions that are not thought-out properly often have to be revised – sooner or later. One reason for this situation is the lack of information about course content, study curriculum and requirements.

In view of the steadily increasing range of studies, the considerable number of different selection procedures it is vital to obtain the relevant information in time. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to get to know Ulm University, the individual courses including their content, their goals and potential professional fields.

Dates and registration will be available again in the Spring of 2020

Study fairs for prospective students

Each year we visit regional and supra-regional study orientation fairs for pupils where the Zentrale Studienberatung (central student advisory services), course advisors and students make themselves available to answer your questions. You can find the current dates in our events calendar.

Messen für Studieninteressierte

Die aktuellen Termine finden Sie im Veranstaltungskalender.

Während des ganzen Jahres besuchen unsere Beraterinnen und Berater zahlreiche Informationsmessen, bei denen Studieninteressierte direkt mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen können. Von München über Stuttgart bis nach Friedrichshafen sind wir vertreten und informieren über unser Studienangebot und die Inhalte der Studiengänge.

How do I support my child in the study and career choice process?

Parents and teachers play an increasingly important role in the process of choosing a course of study and career. However, they often have many questions of their own regarding the study programmes, admission procedures and study conditions. For this reason, the Central Student Advisory Office at Ulm University offers an information evening twice a year. This information evening is especially aimed at parents whose children attend course levels 1 and 2 (or classes 12 and 13 of vocational high school), as well as interested teachers.

Wie unterstütze ich mein Kind im Studien- und Berufswahlprozess

Eltern und Lehrer/innen spielen im Studien- und Berufswahlprozess eine immer wichtigere Rolle. Diese „Entscheidungshelfer“ haben aber oft auch selbst viele Fragen in Bezug auf Studiengänge, Zulassungsverfahren und Studienbedingungen. Aus diesem Grund bietet die Zentrale Studienberatung der Universität Ulm zwei Mal im Jahr einen Infoabend an der Universität an.  Dieser Infoabend richtet sich  speziell an Eltern deren Kinder die Kursstufen 1 und 2 (bzw. die Klassen 12 und 13 der beruflichen Gymnasien) besuchen, sowie an interessierte Lehrer/innen. 

Termin:  28.10.2019
Uhrzeit:  19-ca. 21 Uhr
Ort:         Universität Ulm, Hörsaal 10


Es ist keine Anmeldung erforderlich - wir freuen uns über Ihr Erscheinen!

Taster Lecture

What is studying at Ulm University like? How are course contents taught? How do the facilities look like where students spend their everyday life? Come to the taster lectures and see for yourself!

The purpose of a taster visit is not to grasp the entire course content. Even students who have been following this specific lecture all semester long sometimes struggle with that. The taster lectures are rather an opportunity for prospective students to get a feeling for the differences to what they know from school, the different speed of teaching and the atmosphere in a lecture hall.

Info Day

The Info Day provides an overview on study opportunities, an introduction to the specific study programmes and gives insight into the different institutions of Ulm University. What is more, you will gain an impression of future fields and possibilities of employment and prospects for graduates. You can experience science, look over scientists' shoulders and join guided tours through laboratories and institutes.

Various stands in the lobby of Uni Süd provide information material and offer the opportunity to talk to students and representatives of different fields of study.

A comprehensive supporting programme offers information on application and selection procedures, study financing, language courses offered at Ulm University and study exchange programmes with partner universities abroad.

BOGY - Interdisciplinary internship

The University of Ulm offers an interdisciplinary internship in the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) as part of the vocational orientation at grammar schools (BOGY). BOGY is designed to help students understand their professional desires, talents and abilities. They are given the opportunity to gain clarity about job descriptions, study and training opportunities, internships and entrance requirements for universities.

The one-week internship provides insights into some of the departments of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computational science and engineering, computer science and electrical engineering. You can find more information about the subjects on the course pages of the Ulm University. The activities range from attending lectures to gaining insights into research to the students' own project tasks. In addition, a contribution from the Central Student Advisory Service is also intended to address questions relating to university studies, application and admission.

Interested students can apply to Mr. Brackenhofer by e-mail with a cover letter, curriculum vitae and copy of their last report card.

Two-day decision training on study and career choice (BEST)

The next seminar will be announced here in time.

For further dates and information please go to

What is a BEST seminar?

A BEST seminar is a two-day training around identification of objectives and decision making in regards to study and career choice for senior students at general and occupational grammar schools (Gymnasien). Teachers of senior grammar school classes and student advisors will be there to guide you.

The decision training will give you clarity about your skills and potentials as well as your life and career goals. You will know exactly in what areas you need further information and where to get it.

This training is designed to help you make a self-determined and well-founded study and career choice in line with your individual skills and interests.

Afterwards it will be much easier for you to choose a suitable field of study and career path. (Anmerkung der Übersetzerin: ist das mit dem vorigen Satz nicht doppelt-gemoppelt?)

We will be focusing on the following:

How do I perceive myself and what are my professionally relevant character traits? In a nutshell, what do I want? And what am I good at? These will be the main topics of day one.

How do I go about orientation? When do I seek what information and where? How to design my info management? How do I make the right decision and establish an action plan? While day two will focus mostly on these areas we will also look at and evaluate internet sources (at PCs of Ulm University).

Seminar structure

Day 1 - exercises around:

  • personal skills
  • distinct interests
  • individual goals and values

Interval phase with homework (ca. 1 week)

  • orientation examination (OT)
  • how do others perceive me
  • guided tour (online) on study orientation

Day 2 - focus on:

  • how to make the right decision
  • analysing the results from the orientation examination
  • individual info management
  • documentation of own decision making process

BEST seminars are organised and scheduled by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.