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Ulm University was founded in 1967 as the youngest university in Baden-Wuerttemberg and has kept evolving dynamically ever since. An attractive and future-oriented course catalogue, high-quality academic education, international diversity, interdisciplinarity and cutting-edge innovative research have become the trademarks.

We provide more than 10,000 students across four faculties with top-level education and support. Our faculties Engineering, Computer Sciences and Psychology, Mathematics and Economics, Medicine and Natural Sciences offer in total over 60 study programmes in German and English.

As a young research university, we are oriented towards the global challenges of the future. Especially the strategic and interdisciplinary research themes are contributing to improvements in the areas of ageing, sustainability, technologies of the future as well as human health and well-being. Great success in the acquisition of third-party funding and numerous larger collaborative projects such as Collaborative Research Centres as well as a Cluster of Excellence are all testimonies to the University's research strength.

Ulm University is the centre of and driving force behind the Science City of Ulm, a hub of university and other research institutions, maximum-care hospitals and technology companies.

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Ulm University distinguishes itself with a unique and specialised range of subjects, interdisciplinary research, numerous high-profile collaborative projects and research personalities as well as great success in the acquisition of third-party funding. With five strategic and interdisciplinary research themes the University contributes to global efforts in overcoming the challenges of the future. Together with other strong partners, our battery research has succeeded in attracting funding as a research Cluster of Excellence within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments.

Study, teaching & continuing education

Our subject range concentrates around the MINT subjects (Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences and Technology) with the latest research findings swiftly incorporated in the curriculum, keeping subjects and contents always state-of-the-art. We attach great importance to the ongoing refinement of our high standards in teaching, which are defined and anchored in our Mission Statement Teaching. Students and teachers have access to numerous information and support services. Our continuing academic education offers for working professionals impart specialist knowledge and management skills.

International diversity

Ulm University is open to the world.
People from over 100 countries study, research and work together. Intercultural sensibility, openness and tolerance shape our campus and are an integral part of our active Culture of Welcome. Our strong network of international partners provides attractive perspectives abroad for students and researchers. 'Incomings' receive extensive support in the form of preparatory courses and a variety of accompanying offers to strengthen integration as well as language and soft skills.


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Ulm University has established strong partnerships with industry, other higher education institutions and non-university research institutions. We have cultivated an open culture of cooperation that creates opportunities for collaboration and applies scientifically based solutions to current economic and societal issues.

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The transfer of scientific findings in the form of patents, software, continuing education and services has a high priority at Ulm University. In the field of medicine and health, patients benefit greatly from our research results in diagnostics, therapies and preventative health care. Spin-offs bring innovative work results onto the market.

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Study, research, teaching, work – all under one roof on our green campus in the middle of the Science City of Ulm. Ulm University is only a ten-minute ride from the city centre, characterised by short distances, a friendly atmosphere with a personal touch, interdisciplinary collaboration, family friendliness and a wide range of courses offered to students and staff to balance work and study.

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Ulm University as employer

Ulm University offers a wide range of job opportunities in a highly innovative research, teaching and work environment as well as vocational training and numerous options to help balance work and family responsibilities.

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Founding history

As the youngest university in Baden-Württemberg, Ulm University was founded in 1967 with the strong support of Ulm's citizens and has since continuously evolved its course catalogue and research profile.