Volunteer Activities Certificate

General information

Upon application students will be issued a volunteer activities certificate if they have done at least 75 hours of volunteer activities. One ore more of the following activities can be rewarded: 

  • Activities in events run by Ulm University or the faculties of Ulm University
    (responsible for attestation: Praesidium-Executive Board or Dean's Office of the faculty)
  • Activities in a body established according to the law of higher education (Landeshochschulgesetz) or in a committe established by a body of Ulm University
    (responsible for attestation: chairman/chairwoman of the body/committee)

In order to be rewarded each activity needs to meet the following requirements:
- voluntary
- unpaid for
- at least 25 hours in a maximum time frame of six months

How to obtain a volunteer activities certificate

Please fill in the form listing your volunteer activity and have the form signed by the person responsible for attestation. If you have done or participated in more than one volunteer activity, you need to fill in a separate form for each of your activities. Once you gathered a confirmed total of 75 hours of volunteer activities, you may apply for obtaining a volunteer activities certificate. In order to do so please fill in the application form for a volunteer activities certificate and send it -  with the form(s) listing your confirmed volunteer activities attached - to the chairman or chairwoman of the examination board (or to Ms. Grab if you study medicine). After the chairman or chairwoman has signed your application, please send the application to the Studiensekretariat. We will inform you once your certificate has been issued and may either be picked up or be sent to you by mail.


The following forms are only available in German. Please contact the chairman of the examination board or the responsible official in the Studiensekretariat for more information.