Foreign applicants

Foreign applicants are candidates who are not EU citizens (EU member states) or EEA nationals (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and are not holders of a German university entrance qualification (German Abitur).


Preparatory course

Application for the preparatory course for international prospective students.

Higher semester

Application for a higher semester directly to Ulm University.

General Information for prospective students

  • Application to uni-assist

    What is uni-assist?
    uni-assist is the “Arbeits- und Servicestelle für internationale Studienbewerbungen”, i.e. a central agency reviewing and assessing, on behalf of Ulm University, applications for admission by foreign prospective students (except EU citizens, EEA nationals, foreigners holding a German university entrance qualification (“Bildungsinländer”)) for enrolment in the first subject-related semester of a bachelor or state examination degree programme.

    What application deadlines are there?
    Winter semester 1 May – 15 July
    Summer semester 1 November – 15 January

    All required documents for the summer semester must have been received by uni-assist in Berlin by 15 January and, for the winter semester, by 15 July. We strongly recommend that you submit your documents approx. six weeks before these deadlines to allow time for queries.

    How do you apply to uni-assist?
    uni-assist offers an online application procedure. You will find the application form on

    What do you need to enclose?

    • A certificate entitling you to study at university level in your home country.
    • Study achievements, certificates, overviews of results or transcripts of records of your previous studies at a foreign university
    • Proof of German language competence.
    • Original APS certificate from applicants from China, Mongolia, Vietnam.

    uni-assist requires certified photocopies of these documents. All documents must be translated by a translator certified in Germany or abroad, with the exception of English documents written. Incomplete documentation will not be processed. For more detailed information cf.

    What do the application and its processing cost?

    • An application to uni-assist costs € 75.00 for the first desired study programme and € 30.00 for each additional desired study programme.

    What happens after the application is submitted?

    • If your application complies with all formal requirements, uni-assist will forward your documentation to us. You will then receive a notice of admission or rejection with further information from Ulm University.
    • If your application does not comply with all formal requirements, uni-assist will inform you thereof. Your documentation can, however, not be returned to you. You will need to submit a new application before the next deadline.

    General Information on the application procedure
    Application deadlines for both the summer and the winter semester are cut-off deadlines for all study courses. Late or incomplete applications can therefore not be considered. The university is not obliged to investigate the facts of the application ex officio should papers/documents be missing or incomplete. This also applies if there are further documents from another application procedure still at the university.

    • German language competence

      Before beginning their study programme, prospective students who did not obtain their university entrance qualification at a German-speaking institution/ in a German-taught study programme, need to supply proof of German language competence enabling them to study at university level unless they are exempted for some reason.

      At Ulm University, we accept the following certificates as proof of sufficient command of German. These certificates have been recognized as equivalent to each other by the “Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK)” (Conference of the German Ministers of Culture).

    • Admission criteria for Human Medicine and Dentistry for the 1st semester

      The state examination programmes in Human Medicine and Dentistry, which have restricted access in the whole of Germany, 5 % of the places available at German universities are allocated to foreign applicants.

      Number of places reserved at Ulm University:
      Human Medicine: 16 places in the winter semester
      Dentistry: 1 place in the summer semester and 1 place in the winter semester
      Please find the information regarding the selection procedure for these two programmes here.

    • Admission criteria for undergraduate studies for the 1st semester

      In the bachelor of science programmes with locally restricted admission, i.e. Biochemistry, Biology, Molecular Medicine, Psychology and Economics, Ulm University allocates 10 % of the available places to foreign applicants.

      At Ulm University, this results in the following number of places:
      Biochemistry Bachelor: 7 places in the winter semester
      Biology Bachelor: 9 places in the winter semester
      Biology Bachelor teacher training: 4 places in the winter semester
      Molecular Medicine Bachelor: 5 places in the winter semester
      Psychology Bachelor: 15 places in the winter semester
      Economics Bachelor: 20 places in the winter semester
      Economics Bachelor teacher training: 1 place in the winter semester

      In the most recent admission procedures, all applicants for the programmes in Biochemistry, Biology, Psychology and Economics were granted places. We expect that all applicants for these programmes will be granted places also in the future.

      However, demand for the programme in Molecular Medicine is very high. The allocation of the 5 places in the programme is based on this selection procedure.

    • Studienkolleg - Assessment test ("Feststellungsprüfung")

      Foreign applicants who cannot be admitted direct to university according to the applicable regulations on university admission must take a test assessing their aptitude to pursue academic studies (assessment test = “Feststellungsprüfung”) and attend a “Studienkolleg” before taking up their studies.

      Application for Studienkolleg

    • Tuition fees and contribution

      Tuition Fees
      International students wishing to study and pursue a degree in Germany who are not EU nationals (third-country nationals) must pay tuition fees amounting to 1,500 euros per semester. For further information click here.


      Please find information on contribution here.

      Please note that enrolment can be effected only after receipt of payments.

    • Further Information

      • authorities
      • insurances
      • finances
      • housing
      • etc.

      can be found on the websites of the International Office of Ulm University under:

    • Contact

      International Office
      Albert-Einstein-Allee 5, 89081 Ulm
      E-mail: international(at)

      DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
      Kennedy-Allee 50, 53175 Bonn
      Telefon +49 228 882-0
      E-Mail: postmaster(at)

    General information for refugees

    • Studying as a refugee

      General Information for refugees.

    • Free application for refugees

      Please find information regarding the free admission for refugees here.

    • University access for refugees without proof

      Please find information regarding the university access here.

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