Informations for research and teaching staff

The information on these pages is particularly relevant for research and teaching staff, junior scientists and academic visitors.

Information for employees


Where do I get support for my teaching? How does the University's internal teaching quality assurance work? What should I pay attention to when taking exams? Here you may find help for various aspects of your teaching.

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Quality assurance in research and teaching

'The University is conscious of the social responsibility that comes with being an academic institution. It is expected that all members consider the societal consequences of their actions. The University attaches great importance to its academic independance and declines appropriation through third parties.  Academic irresponsibility is not reconcilable with the core values of the University.'

The Constitution of Ulm University, § 15

Research and teaching must conform with numerous academic and ethical quality criteria. The University developed a number of instruments to support scientists with reflecting upon their performances as researcher and teacher. These instruments aim to continuously advance the scientific work of the University and recognise potential problems at an early stage.

*) in German language only