Principles of Good Scientific Practice

An essential basic principle of scientific work is that all scientists are honest towards themselves and others. The honest use of research results and their underlying data, facts and intellectual property forms the foundation of scientific work. This also includes proper documentation, correct and complete information about sources, and the consistent questioning of one’s own findings.

Ulm University Statutes for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

Ulm University has committed itself and its members to the Principles of Good Scientific Practice. The university has adopted the Statutes for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice in order to document these principles and how it deals with scientific misconduct. You can find the statutes here.

These principles and guidelines for safeguarding Good Scientific Practice are to be observed by all scientists, and early career researchers at Ulm University.

Committee on Responsibility in the Conduct of Science

In order to monitor these guidelines and to investigate allegations of scientific misconduct, the Senate of Ulm University has set up a Commitee on "Responsibilty in the Conduct of Science".

Allegations of scientific misconduct are investigated in a two-stage procedure (preliminary action, formal investigation). The Committee conducts a formal investigation if preliminary action reveals sufficient grounds for suspecting that scientific misconduct has taken place.


Ombudspersons are the first port of call for members and staff members of the university wishing to clarify issues concerning good scientific practice or in the event of a suspected case of scientific misconduct.

Acting in the capacity of persons of trust, ombudspersons provide advice to those wishing to point out or make allegations of scientific misconduct. Ombudspersons are bound to secrecy. At the preliminary action stage, the ombudsperson assesses the plausibility of the allegations and the options for clearing them. If the suspicions are warranted, the ombudsperson will recommend a formal investigation.