Student Body Statistics

The following pages are specifically catering to those who are interested in the composition of our student body. Our statistics comprise, for example, overviews of subjects studied, number of graduations (per programme per semester), and nationality of students. Furthermore, our statistics also track the development of the number of students enrolled at Ulm University over the last decade or so.

To help you understand our statistical data better, we gathered some definitions and descriptions which may be helpful on this page. We decided to provide you with the German label followed by an English translation. Unfortunately, our statistics are only published in German for the time being.

In this category, every student will only be counted once. The number of students listed here is automatically the sum total of all students enrolled at Ulm University in the given/selected semester.

In this category, every student will be counted in all subjects he is currently enrolled for (i.e. students who study a combination of different subjects will be listed for every of their chosen subjects). The same person may then appear more than once in the statistical data.

This group includes students who have recently been enrolled at another German university but either begin studying another (new) subject/programme at Ulm University or continue their studies in a semester higher than the first one.

This group includes all students who have already been enrolled at Ulm University in the last semester.

This group includes all students who have been enrolled at a German University (i.e. Ulm University) for the very first time.

Students on academic leave will be included in any of our statistics by default. Depending on the individual statistic, they may also be listed separately.

This category only includes the PhD students actually enrolled at Ulm University. Please note that, because of this, the actual number of PhD students at Ulm University may differ from the official numbers in our statistics.

This category shows how many semesters students have been enrolled at a German University including the current semester and semesters the students were on academic leave.

At Ulm University we do not offer standalone subjects or programmes like pedagogy or educational sciences. However, teacher training in our state exams and our bachelor or master of education programmes comprises pedagogy. Traditionally, our teacher training consists of studies in two main subjects and an additional curriculum in pedagogy.

The actual capacity (i.e. resources and capacities used) results from individual students’ memberships in so-called cohorts (see, for example, the number of students in the 1st, 2nd and 5th clinical semester). As a result, students who appear in our statistics to be in a certain semester can be members of different admission (or other) cohorts.