Admission by lottery

Admission by lottery can only be conducted if there are still places available after conclusion of the last succession procedure.

You can apply online 

  • only once per study programme and
  • only for the first semester in the programme.

Notifications get sent out within one week after conclusion of the lottery procedure, but only to those applicants that were drawn in the lottery.

For the winter semester the following study programmes can conduct admission by lottery

Study programmes in centralized awarding procedure (ZV)

  • Medicine state examination (Staatsexamen)
  • Dentistry state examination (Staatsexamen) 

Study programmes in dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV)

  • Biochemistry Bachelor of Science
  • Biology Bachelor of Science
  • Biolgoy Bachelor in Teaching at German grammar schools (Gymnasium)
  • Molecular Medicine Bachelor of Science
  • Psychology Bachelor of Science
  • Economics Bachelor in Teaching at German grammar schools (Gymnasium)

Important information:

The Ulm University campus portal will not be available from 23 April until probably 7 May 2024. No applications can be created, processed or submitted.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

Further information on the temporary portal shutdown



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