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@Learn: Active Ageing Learning Community

The objective of the multilateral Grundtvig project @Learn is to establish a learning community to promote active aging. The focus will be on the topics of health and prevention for the preservation of competence and productivity, social integration via the new media, and inter-generational dialogue. Older people with 60 and older should be supported by adolescents and young adults between the ages of 16-35. Together, a cross-generational learning community is to be created.

ICT was created for social exchange and intergenerational volunteering. In addition to printed life materials, online courses were also offered. Together with multipliers and leaders from the diversity of continuing education, youth and senior citizen organizations as well as decision-makers, new opportunities for active aging in Europe should be created.

In all partner countries pilot tests of the resulting learning materials took place, in different intergenerational actions learners from different age groups came together to exchange ideas and to continue their education together. The results of the pilot test are available and can be considered as positive.

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