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The Mobila project is designed to present learning opportunities for generic scientific education for the elderly on the Internet, especially via mobile devices, in new and different formats.

We would like to appeal to those who are interested in further education, who are interested in new challenges. Especially for older people, on the border to high age, such new learning paths, can be useful with limited mobility.

Together with the participants, we have already developed concepts and implemented first steps. Based on a qualification and workshop series for webinars, various content events are planned. In the summer semester 2015, the BAG WiWA's online lecture series (ORV) will be held on the topic of "Discomfort in Europe".

On the project website further you will find forther information about the project activities as well as the interactive learning area will be presented.

Here you can find a more detailed project description about Mobila, which was published in the documentary "Continuing Education - Documentation of the Alliance for Lifelong Learning to implement the recommendations of the enquete commission" Fit for life in the knowledge society ".

MobilA - Mobile Learning in Age "award

On 18th of December 2015 the ZAWiW was awarded as a prizewinner of the “Landesweiterbildungspreis” Baden-Württemberg 2015 (2nd place).

The prize and the event had the motto "Innovative Teaching and Learning Forms" and distinguished projects, that were particularly successful, interested and addressed to new target groups for further education and that showed how individualized learning can be made possible, as through new care concepts and education processes become more effective - in short: innovative training concepts were searched.

Read more here: "Innovative ZAWiW Project Receives State Development Award"

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