Embedded Systems are omnipresent

At the Institute of Embedded Systems/Real-Time Systems scientists and engineers work on new design methods for distributed embedded real-time systems. Embedded real-time systems are computers that are integrated into other technical systems and which have to complete their computation within a soft or hard deadline.

Embedded systems control, for example, combustion engines in cars, perform stability control and navigation in avionics. Today many communication systems are embedded computers. Mobile phones and their infrastructure are well-known examples for the every-day usage of embedded systems. The conception of new methods and algorithms for electronic design automation (EDA) on the system and task level are in the focus of the institute's research work. This also includes system-level timing analysis and compiler optimizations at the task level. We offer case-studies in the fields of embedded communications and robotics to teach our students skills in electronic design automation.

If you are interested in the institute's research program, please visit our project information site. Undergraduate and graduate students will find job opportunities here. We also offer interesting topics for student theses (bachelor/master/diploma). In case you are looking for a DAAD internship, please read our information on internship applications.

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