M. Sc. Harriet Lingel

since 2022 Research Assistant at the Department Work and Organizational Psychology at Ulm University  
2019 - 2022 M.Sc.-Studies of Psychology at Ulm University
Focus: Personnel & Organizational Psychology and Human Factors & Training
2016 - 2019 B.Sc.-Studies of Psychology at Ulm University


Harriet Lingel
Research Assistant

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Π 47.1.265

Research Interests

  • Personnel selection
  • Faking in forced-choice questionnaires
  • Remote Assessment Center



Conference Contributions

Lingel, H., Melchers K. G., Bürkener, P.-C., Schulte, N.  (19-22. April 2023). Should We Use Graded Paired Comparisons to Measure Personality in Selection Contexts? [Poster Session]. 38th Annual SIOP Conference, Boston, USA.

Lingel, H., Schulte, N., Bürkner, P.-C., & Melchers, K. G. (2022, 10.-15. September). Graduierte Paarvergleiche: Eine Simulationsstudie [Graded paired comparisons: A simulation study; Conference Presentation]. 52nd Congress oft he German Psychological Society, Hildesheim, Germany. https://www.uni-hildesheim.de/dgps2022/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/DGPsKongress2022_Abstractband_20220926.pdf