M.Sc. Verena Nold

2010-2013Bachelor of Science in molecular medicine at Ulm University
Bachelor thesis

"In vitro effects of the MAGL-inhibitor KML-29 on primary murine microglia and neuro 2a-cells".
Working group: Experimental Neurology

2013-2015 Master of Science in molecular medicine at Ulm University
Master thesis

"Effects of chronic mild stress on the respirometric performance of hippocampal cells and PBMCs derived from Wistar Kyoto Rats".
Working group: Clinical & Biological Psychology / CNS research Boehringer Ingelheim

Since July 2015 Fast-Track promotion at the international graduate school for molecular medicine Ulm in the working group Clinical & Biological Psychology and in the department of CNS research at Boehringer-Ingelheim, Biberach

Verena Nold
doctoral candidate

Verena Nold

Research interests

  • Consequences of chronic stress exposure and trauma on the functionality of stress axes and the immunesystem
  • risk and resiciency factors for development of stress-associated diseases
  • interaction of psychopathological stress and mitochondrial (dys-)function