M. Sc. Hannah Keppler

Hannah Keppler studied psychology at the University of Ulm from 2015-2018. As part of her bachelor's thesis, she investigated molecular genetic bases of economic decision-making processes. After a research internship in the genetics lab of the Department of Molecular Psychology, she decided to pursue an interdisciplinary, biopsychological focus with the master's program Molecular and Translational Neuroscience (2019-2021, University of Ulm). In her master's thesis she focused on the immunocellular expression of glycolytic genes in the context of traumatic childhood experiences. During her master's thesis, she was a student assistant in the Department of Clinical & Biological Psychology.

Since December 2021 she is doing her PhD at the Department of Clinical & Biological Psychology at the University of Ulm. Her research focuses in particular on changes in the immunocellular energy metabolism of depressed patients.


Research interest

  • Relationship between mitochondrial respiration, anaerobic glycolysis and oxidative stress.
  • Alteration of immunocellular energy metabolism in depressed patients.
  • Reversibility of biomolecular alterations by cognitive behavioral therapy in depressed patients

Research project

MitO2Health: Biological mechanisms of depression and their significance for the success of therapy


Hannah Keppler
Research assistant / Doctoral Student

Hannah Keppler
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