Earning 6 awards on ORS 2019!

Ulm University

Our most successful scientific meeting ever: 6 out of 10 contributions were awarded on the Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) 2019.

  • Best Podium Award of the International Society of Fracture Repair Section for the contribution Chronic Psychosocial Stress Disturbs the Inflammatory Response and Endochondral Ossification After Bone Fracture via β-adrenoceptor Signaling
    Authors: Melanie Haffner-Luntzer*, Sandra Foertsch, Verena Fischer, Katja Prystaz, Miriam Tschaffon, Yvonne Moedinger, Anita Ignatius, Stefan O. Reber
  • Best Podium Award of the Meniscus Section for the contribution Dynamic movements considerably increase strains and forces in the meniscus and its meniscal attachments
    Authors: Florian Schall, Steffen Hacker, Stefan van Drongelen, Andreas Seitz, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen*
  • New Investigator Research Award (NIRA) for the contribution Neuromapping of the Capsuloligamentous Structures of the Knee: A Pilot Study
    Authors: Andreas M. Seitz*, Miriam Murrmann, Falk von Lübken, Benedikt Friemert, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen
  • Best Poster Award of the Meniscus Section for the contribution Cartilage and Meniscus Reveal Higher Friction during the Swing Phase than during Stance Phase under Gait Conditions
    Authors: Daniela Warnecke*, Luisa de Roy, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen
  • For the same contribution Daniela Warnecke received the Travel Award 2019 of the AMTI Force and Motion Foundation.
  • Verena Fischer was awarded the ORS/ON Education Grant of the ON Foundation

 * Presenting author

Congratulations to all contributing authors! 

Das erfolgreiche Team/The successful team: v.l. Andreas Seitz, Verena Fischer, Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen, Daniela Warnecke
Preisträger des AMTI-Awards bei der Tagung der Orthopaedic Research Society 2019, dritte von links unsere Mitarbeiterin Daniela Warnecke.
AMTI Force&Motion Foundation Preisträger ORS 2019
Preisträger der Meniscus Section 2019 der "Ortzhopaedic Research Society", links Daniela Warnecke, zweiter von rechts Prof. Dr. Lutz Dürselen
Preisträger der ORS Meniscus Section 2019
Die Empfänger der Preise für die besten Nachwuchswissenscaftler bei der Jahrestagung der "Orthopaedic Research Society" 2019, links im Bild Andreas Seitz
New Investigator Recognition Awardees (NIRA) 2019
Preisträger der ORS Section "International Society of Fracture Repair" 2019, zweite von rechts Melanie Haffner-Luntzer
Preisträger der ORS Section "International Society of Fracture Repair" 2019